civil engineering

Gruene Road Improvement Project

New Braunfels Utilities
New Braunfels, Texas

The project, being a realignment of major collector with several significant drainage structures, required Urban Civil to facilitate a number of public input meetings and presentations.  In addition, given the projects right-of-way requirements, the project necessitated the need for several condemnation proceedings where Urban Civil provided presentations and expert testimony.  Urban Civil also provided coordination of utility locates and potholing, obtained permission from landowners for access to property to perform topography, set project benchmarks and control points, performed boundary surveys on all affected properties, prepared the right-of-way map with accompanying documents (overall map, individual parcel maps, metes & bounds description, closures) for City’s use in acquiring necessary right-of-way, performed hydrology and hydraulic calculations, prepared construction drawings for drainage, water adjustments, sewer adjustments and roadway improvements, held pre-bid conference, bid opening and tabulation, performed construction administration and staking, and Plan of Record documents.  The effort was required to construct 1.1 miles of urban street and drainage improvements entering the Gruene Historic District.  Urban Civil began this project in 2001 and completed the project in 2007, while meeting the $5 million budget.