Urban Civil provides Geographic Information Services (GIS) to clients for a wide array of uses such as infrastructure management and site analysis. Our experienced surveyors collect the features and attributes from the field that are then combined in-house to create maps and analyses providing graphical insight to complex data.

Our trained staff uses ESRI software to create paper maps or host web-based maps that can be accessed anywhere internet access is available.

Our own internal database is extensive and provides us with the ability to look at infrastructure and land development projects in a way that few others can. We can tell a client more about a prospective project in an hour than most firms could in days.

Our customized databases and maps are leading tools for municipalities and utilities to stay abreast of aging and developing infrastructure. Our GIS aids proactive management of all delivery and collection systems, providing faster reaction times for recovery of underground infrastructure which may not be easy to find at night or under adverse conditions.


  • Pipelines
  • Municipal Utilities
  • Electrical Infrastructure
  • Telecommunications Infrastructure
  • Industrial Facilities


  • Data Collection
  • Mapping
  • Maintaining Databases
  • Hosting Web Maps