Urban Civil has extensive expertise analyzing stormwater runoff and developing systems that safely and effectively control potentially dangerous runoff. Computer models are utilized to determine rise and flow of stormwater runoff. Experience and local knowledge ensure accuracy the best solution is applied for the situation.

Our competency is rooted in design of collection and conveyance systems. However, 50 years of experience designing these systems has given us the knowledge base to understand how they work on small and large scales under all conditions. This shows in our ability to translate that knowledge into Storm Water Master Planning.

Developing a Stormwater Master Plan begins by studying area topography and rainfall history. This provides a foundation which allows Urban to guide its client through the decision making process of how much protection is wanted or needed and how it will impact the project budget. A Stormwater Master Plan is then designed to meet those needs whether it’s protection from an average rainfall event or the more isolated 100/500-year flood event.


  • Municipal Storm Sewer Systems
  • Flood Control Channels
  • Pumping Stations
  • Detention/Retention Ponds


  • Hydraulics and Hydrology Studies
  • Master Planning
  • System Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • System Modeling
  • EPA Permitting
  • Engineering Design
  • Construction Management