Urban Civil provides complete Surveying Services based on unparalleled knowledge and depth of experience gained over the past 50 years. Led by Keith W. Wooley, RPLS/PLS, Director of Surveying, a diverse staff of seasoned professionals and bright upcoming talent provides survey services founded on time-honored, proven methodology, fueled by the survey industry’s latest technological advancements.

Surveying has and continues to evolve rapidly with advances in technology, and Urban Civil has responded by investing in the latest equipment and qualified professionals utilizing today’s technology. Survey Crews are equipped with Leica GPS Network Rovers and Robotic Total Stations, capable of sub-centimeter accuracy. Our commitment to staying on top of the latest technology, software and training has made us a regional leader in the industry, benefitting clients with increased efficiency and a consistently reliable product.

We perform residential and commercial land title surveys, topographic, construction, hydrographic and wetlands delineation surveys. We also perform design surveys for engineering and architecture firms. Our surveys meet the exacting standards of the minimum standard detail requirements of the  American Land Title Association and National Society of Professional Surveyors, (ALTA/NSPS),  jointly established by the American Land Title Association and the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS), together with the Manual of Practice for Land Surveying in the State of Texas as set forth by the Texas Society of Professional Surveyors.

Surveying Services:

  • Boundary
  • Topographic
  • Land Title
  • Route
  • Subdivision Layout
  • Construction Staking
  • Right-of-Way Mapping
  • Legal Descriptions
  • Improvements
  • GPS Control
  • ALTA
  • Wetlands Delineation

Urban Civil is also committed to safety, not only for our personnel, but with our clients and the community in mind. All Survey personnel undergo random drug testing, background checks and basic plus safety training as well as site-specific safety training as required.