UAV surveying


Urban Civil offers cutting-edge overhead imaging and UAV surveying through the use of a survey-grade, professional mapping, small class Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (sUAV). Our proprietary system is designed  to plan preflight missions; define optimal ground control point networks; acquire/post process flight data; and create high resolution, low altitude aerial imagery and 3D surfaces which meet or exceed current surveying and mapping standards.

Our sUAV system often reduces time and effort while providing excellent, accurate results in the least invasive manner. Our system provides high resolution imagery with accuracies of 2” +/- horizontally and 3” +/- vertically, while providing our clients with current high resolution aerial photos.

As a leader in the UAV community, Urban Civil continues to develop relationships with Lone Star UAS, Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi, Del Mar College and other UAV companies state-wide.

Urban Civil regularly provides the following services with our sUAV:

  • Low Altitude / High Resolution Aerial Imagery
  • Topographic Surveys

Volume Calculations

Digital Terrain Models (DTMs)

Our clients use these services to:

  • Monitor Stockpiles
  • Monitor Landfills
  • Monitor Pipelines/ROW
  • Monitor Power Lines
  • Document Environmental Compliance
  • Document Construction Progress and Accuracy of Constructed Site Work
  • Planning for Large Sites
  • Design Aid to Engineering Projects